Friday, January 25, 2013

Will Joke Exist Forever?

   A joke is intended for amusing others, and we do not consider that making a joke is a sin.  There are three forms of jokes, they are written, spoken and action. But, sometimes they may not be done with awareness or intention, and some words and actions may be considered amusing in their forms. Mostly, a joke is  a compose of exaggeration and nonsense or things that are hard or impossible to happen or exist. It is a mixture of things that are mismatching, and it is also unexpected one as Immanuel Kant had analysed.
   As long as it is jokes there is no limit in jokes. But it seems we human beings classify jokes mainly into two: jokes which are acceptable and which are offensive. Thus, we consider jokes that may amuse particular group and hurts the other, groups or individual are offensive. Dark jokes, ethnic jokes and gallows humour etc. maybe included in offensive jokes, and no one would like to be the target of such jokes. But, whatever it is whether we like it or not, it is a joke. After all, a joke is a joke, and if the intention to hurt others is absent any kind of joke is but just a joke.

   We all love jokes which we consider acceptable but many of us hate and want to punish those whom we consider using the jokes that we consider unacceptable and or offensive. One may abhor others who love the jokes he does not like, but in the eyes of God we all are the same: Joke lovers, in other words, falsehood or untruth lovers. And we all will not escape the judgment of God either if we do not reform according to God, that is if we are not born again in Jesus Christ.
   If we are not born again in the Lord, of course, we who love jokes will not escape the punishment of God. He who love to make jokes and hurt others intentionally will have a greater punishment, but also he who hate and want to punish his own fellow brothers.

   To understand that, we need to consider about jokes according to Truth, whether or not making a joke is acceptable in the eyes of God.
   Since, we human beings classify jokes into two: that are acceptable and unacceptable or offensive, we really need to know the truth about jokes, whether or not its sinful to love it. Therefore, let us pay attention to Truth, the words of God if we really want to know more about and the real and truth about God my Father, your Father, our Father.

   If joke that is acceptable is jokes, is not offensive joke also a joke?
   In other words, if a joke based on hate, disabilities or ethnic is offensive and unacceptable, would not a joke base on anonymous man be offensive and unacceptable, for a man represent human beings of masculine gender? Woman represent human beings of feminine gender?
   Therefore, one who make a joke base on a man or woman makes fun of human race, and that's unacceptable and offensive to God.
   Likewise, would not a joke base on woman, designations like king, queen, prince, princess, manager, doctor, lawyer, singer, religious man, baggers, food, birds, animals, etc be unacceptable and offensive to God?

   If one makes a joke base on or of food, is he not making fun of or mocking the food he need for survival? That is unacceptable and offensive in the eyes of God, for it is Him who give man what he need.
   If one makes a joke of birds or animals, is he not ridiculing their Creator? Therefore, making fun of birds or animals is unacceptable and offensive to God.
   If one makes a joke base on his mother or father, is he not disrespecting his mother or father? Is not that dishonoring his mother or father? Therefore, this too is lawless, for the Law of God says, 'Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.'
   If such are so, how much a joke that is based on Heavenly things, God or His Holy Words the Bible be unacceptable and offensive to God? Of course it is, and its blasphemy. Blasphemy is never acceptable to God. The Ten Commandments of God had also told us not to misuse the Name of God.
   Heaven is the throne of God and earth is His footstool. Isaiah and Jesus Making jokes of them is so unacceptable and offensive to Him too.

   Therefore, true believer and lover of God will never use and love jokes. There will be no jokes in Heaven, the Kingdom of God too.
   Now we know a joke is a joke, and it has no limit. But if we consider joke according to Truth, according to God, we found that no joke is acceptable but offensive in the eyes of God. Making or loving a joke is a sin, even simply making jokes is.
   After all, God is Serious, God is Truth, and there is no joke in Truth. Therefore, God does not like nor love but abhor jokes.

   Those people who loves jokes which they consider acceptable but hate the jokes which they consider unacceptable or offensive are just fools and hypocrites. For, they are jokes lovers and devourer but pretending to be serious or solemn.
   The people who still love jokes, even which are considered acceptable, and profess that they are not runaway, lost and bad or disobedient children but believers of God are also just fools and hypocrites, and also wolves in sheep clothes. They are the people to whom Isaiah, the prophet of God have prophesied thousands of years ago, They are also the Pharisees to whom Jesus have said, and also prophesied for many people of all times:
“These people come near to me with their mouth
and honor me with their lips,
but their hearts are far from me.
Their worship of me
is based on merely human rules they have been taught." Isaiah and Jesus Christ

   ... of the day:

   God created the heavens and earth, including all living things.

   But Satan created many unnecessary things, when he created them, he do also says, 'Let there be jokes, poofff,’ and there was jokes. No kidding.

   Secondly, 'Let there be stupid people.' bullsh** And lo, there, stupid people scatters all over the world.
   At that time one of his assistant called out, 'Let us not make that stupid lest they fear us not when we appear to them as ghosts,' lol. Other assistant replied, 'Ya, I am afraid they will drag us down to their level grabbing our curly hairs and beat us with experience.'
   Satan was angry, his face was like red monkey’s, 'F*** Youuuu, Don't you know that in advance!' 'Oh, what a stupid assistants I have.' That was the first time the words ‘F*** You was used. Now we know, Satan was the first living Evil who use the word F***.

   He also said, 'Let there be war,' Let there be religions,' 'Let there be no string attach, (huhuih) and sex before marriage.' also, 'Let there be blue films.'
   But Satan did not say, 'Let there be smelly fart,' because fart comes with sins. And smelly fart means, go and do a shit. My aunt told me, no joke. Now you know, if you have so smelly fart, you have to go and sh** out your smelly digested, vitamins, minerals and energy sucked out degraded foods from your ass hole. And flush it like a good and obedient boy okay.
  When our fart is so smelly, sometimes, Satan closes his nose and even leave us alone, saying, ‘Oh, you son of a bitch, daughter of a bitc*. hikkk hikhik hikhik

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