Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The True and Complete Wealth


   If health is wealth, then what will happen to you when your health is down?
   You will feel sad and the little happiness you had when you were healthy will evaporate. Therefore, we need to find the true and complete wealth which we can possess even if our health is weak, so that we can retain the little or whatever quantity of happiness we had when we are healthy. If not this saying, 'health is wealth,' will torture us when we fall sick, or when our health is down.

   We have little happiness when we have wealth, which mean when we are healthy, because what wealth refers in the saying 'health is wealth' is not a material wealth, not even a spiritual wealth but a physical wealth.
   So, now we know there are three kinds of wealth: material, physical and spiritual wealth. Certainly, if we also don't have any other kinds of wealth, it is true that we have little happiness when we are healthy, but that too only if we can appreciate on our good health.

   When we do not have all wealth we do not have a heart full of happiness but little happiness which each wealth brings with it, because we all want everything, especially physical and material wealth.
    And since, we do not have but little happiness, no matter material or physical wealth, the wealth we have turns to be an incomplete wealth.
   Of course, we may not or not everyone may want spiritual wealth but we all want material wealth even if we have health, physical wealth, that is why we cannot be really happy. But even if we have physical and material wealth we may not always be happy or have happiness either.

   Then what is the true and complete wealth so that we can always be happy? The true and complete wealth is which we seek, mention many times in our life but did not realize is happiness itself.
   Therefore, if health is wealth, happiness is the father of wealth, for happiness is the true and complete wealth. So, now we need true and complete wealth as health does not brings us complete wealth nor it keep us always happy.  We need it so that our life can be more nice, comfortable and desirable, even when our health is down, materials is gone.

   Then, how can we have the true and complete wealth called happiness, and how can we always possess it?...

The succeeding will be available in my coming book, which subtitle is '....and Multiple Philosophies.'

I hope to publish it next month on amazon.com, smashwords.com, lulu.com and on barnesandnoble.com for distribution to bookstores.
In the beginning I thought I'd be able to publish this month, but as it is so boney I'm still working on it, publishing is yet so far, haha. And, I'm looking forward to my American and British friends for edit and other necessary support, and I'm glad to know that they are ready.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Mail Interview: Marita A. Hansen

   For the second time, I've have a mail interview with Marita A. Hansen from New Zealand. But as we both are busy, I asked the question which I feel important to shorten the time.
   Like Lisa Scullard, we came to know each other and be friends on authonomy.com, and it is not bad at all. And because of the power of friendship I can, now, publish an interview with her here.

   Oh, before we move on to the main part, let me tell you this - when Marita told me about her high-school sweetheart, my school sweetheart from the 5th grade came to mind. I can never forget her, I don't know where she is or what she is doing, whether she is still alive or not. How much I wish to see her again. If I'm not wrong, she went on to study and become a doctor, and maybe she is a doctor now.
   Me: What inspires you to write?
Marita: My imagination, the people I meet, things I've experienced, wanting to express myself, and a number of other things. Life in general.

   Me: What genres are you writing? what genres are you most interested in?

Marita: I write realistic fiction/urban fiction. My first book "Behind the Hood" was written for adults. Currently, I'm writing the prequel series "Graffiti Heaven," which is classified as edgy young adult (16+). My characters affect whether the book is for adults or teens. In "Behind the Hood" the ages of the characters aren't that much different from "Graffiti Heaven," but the content is decidedly darker. However, "Graffiti Heaven" still tackles hard topics, it's just done in a different manner, not so in your face.

   Me: How long have you been a writer? In other words, at what age did you start writing?

Marita: I've always been interested in writing, especially at High School, but during university I only wrote non-fiction. I have two degrees, the first in Art History and Italian studies, the second a postgraduate degree in Art History. I think I've been writing fiction for about seven or so years now, but at the beginning it was young adult fantasy, which was put aside for realism once I started "Behind the Hood."

    Me: As a writer, what is your motive/goal? I mean, your goal for the benefit of the readers?
Marita: To propel the reader into the world I've created, making them feel emotions (whether good or bad) for my characters, and leaving an impression upon them. I put a lot of hard work into my writing, and it does take a tole on me, so it's important to me that the reader likes my work. There are also personal aspects to my stories, characteristics of people I've met or know, and even some of my habits or thoughts may go into a particular character. Maia's grin (from "Behind the Hood") is from me. Like her character I grin when I'm in trouble, which is not a good thing as it can get me into more trouble :)

   Me: How many books have you published?
Marita: One at the moment. "Behind the Hood" was published in August of last year. "Graffiti Heaven" is due out August of this year. "Behind the Tears" is scheduled to be published towards the end of this year, but may come out at the beginning of 2013 (depending upon time constraints).

    Me: When you decide and begin to become a published writer what difficulties do you face and how  do you overcome?

Marita:  Finding the time to do everything (working long hours and juggling it with family commitments), being able to work with an editor (costs), formatting the book for e-book and paperback versions, motivation, the list goes on. Authors write for passion, otherwise they'd fall at the first hurdle and go back to their "safe" day jobs.

    Me: Which place would you like to visit the most? And, on which place would you like to spend all your life and with whom? hehe
Marita: I'd love to visit Italy the most. And, I'd like to spend my life in New Zealand with my husband.

   Me: Do you have any words, especially encouraging words, for beginners who just tread in the path of book world?' 
Marita: Keep writing your ideas and stories down. Your first tries at fiction may not lead to anything, but you are still learning and you will grow as a writer and with persistence you could succeed in publishing your stories. Join online writer communities, because the connection with other writers in similar circumstances can be very helpful. And the main thing is to persevere. If someone knocks you down, like a bad review on a writer's site or an agent coming back with a no, just believe that it will not always be like this.

Wow! thank you so much Marita, and I wish you all the luck and best in your life.
Marita is currently living in Singapore with her husband of 18 years, who she called her high-school sweetheart. And with their two children of fourteen and nine years old.
This, maritaahansen.blogspot.com is her beautiful blog.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Where is Rome So That We Can Do As Romans?

I believe most of us have heard this, 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do."
But, where is Rome? Where is Rome, so that we can do as Romans?
Not only Rome itself but every Roman house is Rome, unless he changes his tribe or ethnic.
This not only apply to Rome, for if we change the words 'Rome' and 'Romans' we would understand what it tries to teach us.

Therefore, as Roman house is Rome, my house is Zoram, in a greater and truer scope/scense it may be called Namboram not India, Myanmar or Bangladesh, For I am Zo.
Only politics made me a citizen of India.
If politics is honest, true and kind, I'd have my own country.
Therefore, I won't be politician,
I don't like politics, the trending politics of the world.
No matter whether democracy or whatever as they are still corrupted.

I rather like the way of Chinese communism.
But I don't like the policy of overtaking Tibet.
Frankly and truly speaking, that's somehow what happened to me and my people.
Therefore, because of that I really don't like it either.
If the love of God and Jesus Christ had not stop me from bloodshed and war,
I'd have fought for freedom of independence for my people, my country and my forefather.
Though, currently I'm a run away son,
The principle of the love of God and Jesus Christ still lives in me.
That is also the reason why, you who hate me, who tries to make my life hard, miserable and unfortunate I do not do to you the same as you did to me but forgives and love you.

Let's go back to the topic.

Knowing Roman language but if you still speak in your own language in a Roman house,
It means, you are not so wise or not wise enough, truly speaking you are a fool,
For its like hatred and insult. And hater and insulter always do that.
If you don't know it, that's another matter.
Still if you speak in the language you are comfortable but not him, you still are a fool.

Speak with the roman in the most convenient language to him and he will admire and respect you but if he is wise.
But do not forget that you do not have to do like roman in bad and wrong way but only in good and right way.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Short Speech On War

From war we can learn that both sides lose something valuable,
Life being the most valuable of all.

The defeated may lose so greatly.
And the defeater may gain greatly,
But at this success the defeater does not secure his future.
Therefore, no side really ever benefit from war.

Who knows what kind of attack from the other side would come again in the future,
What kind of war tactic would they deploy or invent?
For, a war does not end generation and it does not end conflict either.
Neither it end enmity nor hatred toward one's enemies.
It only gives a temporary rest to a conflict.

Therefore, let us avoid war and make peace wherever we go by the power of love,
So that we may not be trapped in the web of conflict,
But secure our future from any possible conflict which may arise at the lack of peace and love.
And lets make peace and love, and be a blessings to others, to ourselves and the other side,
For love is blessings.

We know that a war may only end with agreement,
When a side who started it admit their mistake,
And when the other side make an open and kind agreement with the starter,
As they apologize to one another to heal each other's wounded and broken hearts,
For, in war, both sides have already done mistakes and evil.

Oh! It's more wise, yes, so wiseful to start not a war to make agreements after many things have been lost.

Why should we start a war and make agreement when we wanted it?
Why don't we know what we really want before we lose many valuable things?

Of course, from war we can learn that peace and love is what we all really wants, what we really desires.
Therefore, from this moment, let us work for peace, not only that but also for love, for love is peace,
And never start a war but keeps on avoiding it as we sow the seeds of peace and love.
The seeds of what we all really wants, what we all really desires.
After all, peace, and love is what we really desires.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finnabu The Wiseman, Zirzel and His Friend Juny

   Finnabu was crossing a small paddy field when the boy, Zirzel, saw him and called, "Finnabu, finnabu, where are you going?" He ran toward him pulling Juny on her wrist. "Come, Juny, come, He is a good old great man."

   The girl was his rich neighbors daughter, just about his age and she was cute and lovely like the boy. But both of them did not look like a rich children, their face had gotten dusty from their plays and they look just like a parentless children. They were playing in the muddy paddy field, trying to catch fishes around Zirzel father's fish trap. 'Of course, when nature paints us in the same color, who can differentiate the rich and the poor? This makes sure we all are of the same kind.'

   Finnabu sat upon a stone and wide open his arms, “To the next village.” He held the children and put them in his laps. Seeing Juny rubbing the old man white moutache, the boy realize his chance and rubbed the wiseman's beard.

   “Can we have a life free of worries,“ the boy asked.
   “Yes an understanding and better life,” the girl joined, 'for worries and troubles does never differentiate the rich and the poor,' as she rub his moutache down to the beard interestingly.

   ‘Aw this curious children’s hearts are richer than richmen,’ he thought.
   "Wisdom will give you a life free of worries, but a better life and understanding," he gasps. "But by wisdom you will know what is right and wrong, how to get rid from worries and a choice. And it will depend on your choice. But I advice you to chose that which is right, for worries comes with wrong things," he added as he hugged them.

"We will seek for wisdom and always chose what is right, Finnabu," said Zirzel.
"Yes we will," Juny added.

   "Then, sure will you have a life so desirable than many who do not seek wisdom. But the only secret to find wisdom is to seek it with all your heart, soul and mind."

"Yes, we will," the children said almost together.
 The boy’s father interrupted them, "Where have you two been, its time to go home for dinner," He turned to Finnabu, "Oh Finnabu it’s you?" Finnabu let the children go from his arms.

"I saw them playing in the field so I thought I should chat with them before I pass."
“Its nice of you.." he turned back to the children, "Ok, move on children."

"Bye.. bye.. Finnabu," the children wiped the air.

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