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Be Aware of Satanic: New Group and Suicide Cause

   I believe many of us have seen the video made by Amanda Todd which can be viewed on youtube and also Olivia Liv Panpraze's youtube video who had committed suicide after they make the videos.
   They have made such kind of videos and have committed suicide because the evil people conspires against and bullied them.

   Now, its time for the truth to come out and reveal the truth behind the conspiracy, bully and suicide. I know the secrets and cause behind such things because I am also experiencing it, and as I am the appointed of God, if not alone but one of the appointed, God helped, saved and protect me and let me know the secrets. You can learn that I am one of them, who are being conspired, bullied and isolated from my previous posts, 'Conspiracy: What Have I Done?' Before I made that post and before I know more things I've also posted, 'My Apologies to God and the World.' because of the conspiracy, bullies and a bit or more of isolation.

   Since, we are living in the last of the times, Satan is working so hard through his human followers called Satanic. These Satanic are our own fellow men who pray or worship Satan directly and obey Satan's commandments or order.
   So, these Satanic people goal is to remove anything including their fellow human beings that can or could block Satan's and their way. They would try to make a person (their target) commit suicide, they would also try to turn a normal person to an insane person, if they can't they would even try to kill him/her who Satan wanted to kill. 

   To fulfill these things, Satanic people would conspires against their target, gossip about him and spread exaggerated false rumors around their target place and influence, to stir their friends and people around him/her including their relatives. And, they always follow their target wherever their target goes regardless of distance and places until they fulfill their evil goal, which are to turn their target an insane person or kill him/her in anyway possible. This is because they want their target go to hell and not or before he/she is bornagain in Jesus Christ.

   These evil people called Satanic would use little or few mistakes or common things done by their target, add more stuff on it and make it large or spread it to the people around. They also make noise or unusual sounds and voices around the neighbours and where their target is walking or going to frighten their target.
   Sometimes, they are the one who make friendship with their target, then they help or make their target do some common thing which may includes, smoking, drinking, sex or whatever is possible and use that thing against the target who they have made as friend and let him do.

   But, I wondered why is the people so foolish and is easily manipulated? Why do they just believe any rumors without proving it and knowing the criminals and real secret plans of Satan and his followers Satan behind the scene? Anyway, as a human being many or the majority people, if not all, drink, smoke, have sex and may many people have nude or body parts photos on internet and other places, and what's the problem if someone do the same thing? One can see lots of porn movies and nude photos but do one gossip or conspires against those people who made that? Instead many many of us, if not all and except young children, would watch it with one's saliva dropping from the mouth and never complains. Sex desire is an inborn thing and sex is one of a natural human desire.
   Why are people like Amanda, Olivia and I were being avoided, hated and isolated? Its just because the evil people or Satanic gossip, spread rumors and conspires against us and the people can be so easily manipulated, deceived and threatened. From now on, let the world be brave, strong and wise, and let us seek for the truth. Until we find the real truth let us not sentence or punish or file a case against anybody.
   Don't we know its the people who gossip, spread rumors and conspires against others have a violence and criminal minds and they are the real criminals? Why should we follow or obey or believes them? Let us be wise and not be deceived and fooled by evil and fools.

   As there are Satanic in many of the world, if not all, regardless of churches, religions and occupations, they would even bribe some people with money to fulfill their evil goal or works, and they would even tell the people not to reveal the conspiracy or gossip (as it is wrong accusation and planned) and the plans to the target by taking or using some influential authority's name. 
   So, even some or many authorities, police and doctors would be involved in it because Satanic could be one's own brother, sister, friend, pastor or clergy man, fellow members, cousins, parents, doctors, police, government employee, ministers or any other people, if not at least they could raise hands together with the real Satanic as they could be deceived, bribed or threatened or in any other possible way. Anyway, Satanic, those who worship Satan are human beings, they have friends, children and occupation, so they could be one's own as stated above. The people who abuse their own children could also be Satanic.

   Since the people conspired by Satanic were exaggeratedly falsely accused, the Satanic people try their best to keep their false accusation from their target as long as possible, until they fulfill their goal. Sometimes, their target don't know on what they are being conspired and hated, eg. me.
   And, as many people are involved and those who are not involved are threatens from leaking it out the secrets or about the main conspirators, thus, their target become depressed if they were not strong in faith or bornagain in Jesus Christ. And at last some of them commit suicide as nobody believes or everybody they know were against them or raise their hands with or fear the threats of the Satanic people or group.
   And, since the people targeted by Satanic are mostly good hearted or humble people, who may also be God appointed or who would or could be bornagain in Jesus Christ in time, and since they do not know the evil heart, soul and mind of the Satanic, they would put the blame upon themselves just to save who they consider as friend, loved ones or instead of blaming others.
   Therefore, the reason or cause of such new suicide is Satanic, and the main conspirators are Satanic, and Satan as the head or their leader. The people who do things against Amanda and Olivia are also Satanic, and the main participant who let or assist Amanda and Olivia do the things that were publicized (were pre-planned by Satan and his followers Satanic) are either satanic or influenced or threatened by Satanic, which means they know the main conspirator.
   I am their target, I am bullied and conspired and I know what I am talking about from my own experience. I am so thankful to God my Father, our Father for allowing me to experience such conspiracy, bully and gossip, because now I can share about it with confidence.

   These group, Satanic would tell lies by spreading that Satan gives his followers or worshiper whatever they ask, eg. money, drugs, etc. and it is nicer or better to worship Satan than God as he help or bless his followers easily. But in reality, it is not, for God had said in the Bible, "By the sweat of your brow, you will produce food to eat until you return to the ground, because you were taken from it. You are dust, and you will return to dust." 3: 19 Genesis These Satanic or people who worship Satan do also need to work to have money, food or whatever they want.
   They were spreading such rumors because they wants to increase Satanic or Satan's followers so that they can totally control the world, because to increase Satanic is one of their goals and also to take control of the world.
   The way they could have money is that, they are corrupted and they would even steal money or whatever is possible if there is a chance. Even if they found a purse with money and ID cards in it, they would take the money and may never return the purse or pretend to be a good person and return the purse after they take all the money in it. So, the increase in Satanic is the reason that increase theft and corruption in this world. They are not the majority that is why they need to stir the people with their evil ideas but it seems they are also increasing.

   And, if God is not good, kind and generous, He would not easily and quickly help, protect and save me, His squandered son, in time. Instead, through the very hard and unusual experiences I am going through He increase my strength, courage and knowledge about Satanic and His great endless love and power which otherwise would I never achieve and know or discover. Yes, though I still am disobedient to Him and pray only when I needed Him, He stills help, protect, save and teach me for He is my Father, our Father who is omnipotent, perfect and full of love.

   These Satanic people are the one that increases girls on girls and boys on boys sex though that is common to lesbian and gay. That means sex is not the problem but the problem they bring or cause is their evil and violence causing mind and goals that stir the people around to gossip about, hate and conspires against their target, so that their target can go or be turned insane by their own hands using the power they receive from Satan or die in one way or another way, which includes the mob running over their target.

   I believe there are still lots of other people who are suffering the evil hands of Satanic as I am suffering, who are being conspired and bullied, and there may be such other similar video on youtube as Amanda and Olivia's. Since, life is so full of works and since Amanda and Olivia's youtube video would do the work for now as I did not zealously search for other similar video though there is still one I am checking but yet keeping it to complete checking it.
   Such people, or we don't need any medicine or medical treatment and we are not mentally ill or psychosis but to tell to the world we are normal people like others, and we were falsely accused and attacked by the evil and violence causing mind and people called Satanic.
   If we were so great a criminal or if we were not being falsely accused why was not a case filed against us? If proper investigation is taken, it would be proven that the evil, Satanic people are the real and great criminals. Knowing these thing, these evil, Satanic stir the people and let them punish and kill their own fellow human beings because they may not succeed but trap themselves the other way round.
   So, let the people know the foolish things they have done and let them do no more but turn wiser and impregnable to deceit and threats, at the least like Kolhte. If not, we would not even be comparable to dogs and that would be a great shame.

   We, the target of Satanic or conspiracy and bully, not only have human rights or needless to say about that but if we stand before judgement the false accuser, gossipers and conspirators are the one who would be sentenced and punished.

   Therefore, let the world know that there are new group called Satanic who tries to manipulate or control the world evilly and let us prevent it by helping those who are being conspired and bullied and stop conspiracy, bullies, gossip and rumors by making a law against conspiracy and bullies, gossip and rumors. No people should gossip about others and raise their hands with Satanic without proving the real truth, for 'Gossipers and conspirators destroys peace and love, they are the evil and violence causing people.'
   Let the authorities, peoples and individuals of the world be aware of the new and secret group called Satanic and let us not be manipulated or controlled by these false accusers, deceiver, evil and violence causing people, by the followers of the Devil also known as Satan, the Evil and father of all Crime and Sins.

   Since, I am one of the people who are the target of Satan and his followers Satanic, I know these things and thus I writes about it. 
   So, I am here to stand with and for others who are experiencing unusual things and treatment as Amanda, Olivia and I have experienced. Feel free to contact me at or on my mobile phone +91 9873733462 for assistance on how to deal or handle the situation or share knowledge to one another. This is what I was also talking about on my free service offer page.
    If you need a friend I am here for the needy, we can add one another on twitter, facebook, google+ etc. I can found me with my name. If you also need a place to stay we can manage it together, I am always open to help others, for that is what I am appointed at: to help the world in the knowledge or wisdom and actions. Yes, I am appointed to proclaim the Truth that God gives me to the world, and though I am a squandered son I will keep on proclaiming the Truth I know, for that is my principle which I was taught and was grown in me by God my Father, our Father in Heaven.
   Let us, let the world come together to make a better world or at least try.

   But, though I am still a disobedient son of God like many other people let me share: the best way to overcome Satan and these Satanic people and their treatments is to be bornagain in Jesus Christ, which I've posted too long ago when I was with God.

   Fear not, nothing can kill you without God's will, so never commit suicide or kill yourself because that's what Satan and Satanic wants so that there can be no case against them that punished them, that's how Satan and his followers Satanic will defeat and have you, that's how or one of the way one cannot enter the Kingdom of God but easily to hell.
   Knowing these, a new hope came to me that when God say its time, God's people will raise up some people from death before the end of the world, before Jesus Christ come.
   I also pray that Amanda and Olivia and all other people like them be raised from death as they know not what attacked them and how to deal, and may be know not what they are doing. Yes, so that they can also be saved by grace in the blood of Jesus Christ, enters the Kingdom of God and have Eternal Life. I really wish and hope for that and I am looking forward to it, and I wish, pray and hope I am the one who God use to raise them up from death.

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