Sunday, October 14, 2012

GeeGee Skhul: Those Who Must Marry

   Geman had opened a school in a place where few  people inhabited, and since he wants to sounds, looks and be different he called it 'Geegee Skhul.'
   He had just three students, they were Mura, Dawdaw and Hixy. One day he was testing his students to find out their intelligence with questions, "Why does not a pig have three legs?"
   His students replied, "Because it don't want it heeee."
   Geman shook his head as if he was satisfied with the answer and continued, "Why is the fan turning?"
   "Turn it likewise and it will not turn at all."
   "Do you smoke?"
   "We have nothing to smoke anymore."
   Geman rubbed his mustache as he was thinking how his students can answer all together the questions he had not teach them and he suspected that they must have united for a purpose, but he continued asking, "What if we have three legs?"
   "One, a spare leg."
   "Do you believe in evolution and that we evolve as human beings from monkeys?"
   "The one who say such thing is a monkey," the students shouted together.

   "Hmm..." Geman breath and pointed his finger to Dawdaw, "You, what do you desires most in the world?"
   Dawdaw smiled, "You."
   "And you," Geman gestured at Hixy.
   "Dawdaw," replied Hixy quickly, and continued, "Sir, just walk out on her and give me space please."
   "Why should I? Just wanna play your games with her again?" Geman replied and they argued, they continued to argue and their case reached the king's ears.

   The next day Geman and his students stood before the king as they were summoned, and the king questioned them one by one, "Dawdaw, who do you want most?"
   "Geman, but he do not want me as much as I do."

   "What about you, youngman."
   "Dawdaw," Hixy replied.

   "Then, Geman do you want Dawdaw most?"
   "No but somehow."

   Then the king asked Dawdaw again, "Do you really want Geman?"
   "I do but maybe somehow," she replied and cried, "But I do as Geman is smart, rich and have a job and he would be able to look after me. But this guy can't even pay skhul fee, and is poor and stinky," she continued to cry.
   One of the king's assistant said, "Eheee.. can one cry even when one wants somehow?"
   Geman said, "If we know how to fake cry."

   The king raised his hand, "Then, Geman marry Dawdaw, when you find someone you really want just divorce her. Do you want that?"
   With happy face Geman raised his voice, "Yay, I really want that. It would be so nice, wow."
   "What about you Dawdaw?"
   "No.. nonono, I can't want that, I never want that."

   "You are right, Dawdaw. You don't really love him but his status. Learn to love a man, not his status. And know that a home is not a place which a man or a woman alone have to and can make. As married couple are 'one,' that 'one' have to and can make it," the king told her, "And, if you get married with one who wants you somehow you will soon be a divorcee but if you get married to one who wants you most, whether or not you are going to be a divorcee will depends on your will. And that's who you should get married with," the king paused and continued, "A smart one will make you happy, win your heart but it will not last long if that smart one does not love you true. Whether or not one is smart, if you get married with the one who love you most, it will gives you eternal happiness, and you will see happiness and love that a simply smart one can't give you."
   Then, Dawdaw turned her head and stared at Hixy, "The smell is so sweet," she said as waved her hand before her nose, "It is, oh, I realize I want this guy most."

   Hixy opened his mouth, "Yes, has not our ancestors said, 'it is sweeter to dug a hole of sweet potatoes with most loved than eat a very sweet food with one we do not love.'
   "If it is so, If you want Dawdaw most, Hixy, you will have to marry her as long as you live. It is not lawful to divorce her," the king told Hixy with love.
   Hixy replied, "In that case... I was simply kidding."
   Dawdaw held her fist as she was too angry, "Why have I said stinky is sweet smelling."

   With a kind voice the king's assistant said, "Dawdaw, you have not met the one who love you most. The one who love you most is the one who obey the king. And the king's commandment is, 'you must not divorce your loved ones. Anyway, one full of love never divorce loved ones. Those are the one who are worthy to get married." then the assistant turned to Hixy, "You have reached the court of the king, and you are playing in life with other's hearts. You man, in the end of days when the king stands at his place, your punishment will not be less than Geman either. So evil and wicked but pretend to be serious and truthful outwardly but playing and dares to call for justice. Yes, you want justice according to you that is injustice."

   Despite the case, as they were going home, Geman called out his students as if there was troubles.
   "What is it? What is it?" came the replies.
   "Come and let me teach you how to have conversation with ants."
   Geman students were standing before him and saw a train of ants that was crossing the road. Then, Geman knelt, folded his hands, looked at the ants and spoke to them, "Dear ants, oh dear ants, where are you going?"
   The ants halted at once, stared at Geman with angry faces, turned back altogether and went back home quietly.

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