Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Twister and My Name is HaHa...

   Laughing is a good medicine.

   A woman came running inside Jack Reese's house, "I heard the radio announcing, 'A very great twister is coming from the east."
   On hearing that Jack Reese Quickly walked out and opened the door of his car, but his friend Hamed who followed him suddenly hold him in his hand and asked, "Where are you going at this hour?"
   Jack Reese replied, "Let me twist myself a little bit with that twister." He smiled.

   "It will take you and you will go up," said Hamed with a wide open eyes.
   "I have always wanted to go up. It's my greatest dream. It's a great chance, don't you know that? Come, come with me and let's go up," Jack Reese was eager, his friend can saw it in his face.
   "Nono nonono, you will go up and come downn.. falling to the groundddd," Hamed looked scared, "and die."
    "That, I don't like," Jack Reese quickly closed the car's door, went inside as fast as when he came out, sat on the bed and cover himself with a thick blanket and shiver so greatly out of fear.

   Fortunately the woman who had said about the whirlwind came to him and said, "Oh, I forgot to say that, it was going to happen in America, not here."
   "Oh Wifey, how can you let me go through such a horrible experience?" Shouted Jack Reese and quickly get off the bed and walk towards the sitting room. When he saw his friend smiling at him, he said with a smile "I was just acting, and it was a nice acting. Hamed, do not I tell you that I'm a talented actor?"

   "Yes, in a horrible experience, is not it?" his friend replied.
   "Shut up! I wish there are two, three or more twister really coming, not there, here. I'm not afraid of it," Jack Reese makes his face as if he is not afraid of what he was saying.

   Then, another woman came rushing and shouting, "Twisterrrrrrr..," and she quickly picked her bag and pulled Hamed, shouting, "Run Hamed, we have to be hurry, Twister which was going in America came back with a greater power! Runnnn...."
   "Ok Jack Reese, you deal with it, here, alone with your thin wooden house but we have to run on home, byee..," said Hamed but there was nowhere to see Jack Resse. He was already shivering under the blanket.
   Never quickly jump on things you do not know. Never be too foolish to jump into problems or you will go up and fall downnnn. Never tell lies as it will surely be revealed in tests.
   Actually Hamed had change the name of his friend Mynameishaha.. to Jack Reese because its too long and hard to say it.


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  2. Thank you so much, umm?? whoever you are. Going to re-correct this post as you have noticed me.
    I'm not good in english, so I often revise my writings and still I could not perfect them :P
    Probably, you are trying to show me in the halff end of your second sentence which should be, 'I find it very...'

    Ok, off I revise at your comment.
    All the luck and best, umm?? whoever you are :)


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