Saturday, January 7, 2012

Taite: My Dream 4 in 1 Flying Car

   As we know, because of the population growth thousands of vehicles were added to our roads which increases the length of traffic jam. And that delayed us in doing what we want to do many times.
   Since the population will continue to grow, so do vehicles on the road.

   If we look to the future traffic jam, 10 or more years from now, we know the traffic jam will be as long as double or more the time it takes at present, as vehicles will be double or more.
   And that means, there sure will be time when going to work places, market, etc. by foot be faster than jumping in to a vehicle and stuck in a long traffic jam.
And as we will not be able to keep increase the width of a road forever, we must create a flying car. 

   Of course, its time to invent a flying car.

   The above is my dream 4 in 1 flying car, and at first I named it Taito. But I have a thought that I should call it Taite, which meaning is better explain in sentence - 'someone who is so near, dear, beautiful, cute and lovely to one.'
   It is capable of -
   landing from air to land, water surface and emerge inside water.
   Taking off from sea to air and also run on land.
   Yes, this 4 in 1 flying is deep sea diver car, land car, water surface car and flying car.

   If I have the resource I believe I'd have created my dream 4 in 1 flying care, though it may seems challenging.
   Yes, it is but the more challenging to me is the flower like round thing below the drawing of the 4 n 1 flying car - Taite.

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