Monday, July 25, 2011

Finnabu The Wiseman and His Student

   One day the Wiseman of the hills walked in the path which was stretched before the village fisherman’s house, and a small boy called Zirzel, the fisherman’s son saw him from the window. He had heard from his friends and others that the man who walked passes by had a castle in the hill where he teaches the art of living, fighting and wisdom. They said the great king of that land had built it for him.
   Some says he can turn nothing to fire, some says he can fly, some says he will live forever, all because he knows the secrets of the world which is called wisdom. So, they named him Finnabu – which means book of wisdom.

   Zirzel rushed toward Finnabu and shouted, “Finnabu, Finnabu please teach me as well.”
   “Why do you want to learn?”
   “Because… because… I want to look after my parents. They work so hard and are so tired.”
   The Finnabu looked at the poor little boy and his heart broke, “Come my boy, if you really desires so follow me.”
   Zirzel followed him, his mother watched him without any words from the same window and her heart broke too. ‘How can such a little boy understand his life, about life and loved his parents so much,’ she thought with tears in her eyes.

   The Wiseman notice an apple tree when they passed by a garden. He took the boy further and he decided to rest on the shadows of a tree in the garden. And he said, “Go and pluck one apple.”
   The boy went and found an apple and gives it to the Wiseman.
   “Wait me here,” said the Wiseman and he climb the tree on which he leaned to.

   “I’ve put the apple on top this tree. Bring it back to me,” the Wiseman point his finger to the trees.
   The boy wanted to ask something but he remembers that he had begged to teach him wisdom. And he climbed the tree without complain. As he climbed he realizes that it was a tamarind tree which is hard to break.
   When the boy get down from the tree and gave the apple to Finnabu, the Wiseman asked, “What do you learn from that exercise, or what were your thoughts on it?”
   “Tamarind trees are hard to break… and.. and sometimes, apple is found in other tree,” Zirzel scratch his head.
   “Only if someone keep it,” Finnabu smiled. “Yes tamarind trees are. Okay, try again.”
   “Do not fear to climb a tree.”
   “That’s true, in other words let me say what that means, ‘Do not fear to go through life, or fear not the journey of life, as there is fruit at the end of the journey.’”
   “Finnabu, is that what we can learn from it?”
   “No, you can learn lots of things from it. And what I had in mind to teach you from it is that ‘the higher your goal is, the higher you reach.’” Finnabu continued, “And other things you should also know are that, you should use, concentrate your mind to find or learn something from every of your experiences, that’s what wise people always do, and every goal you desire to achieve was made or kept by someone - the great Creator,” he paused for a while. “So now do you realize goals already exist and the paths to goals are as hard to break as Tamarind tree but its men who gives up.”
   “Now my eyes are opened. I’d like to become like you and I now know I can, I now know it all depends on me. Thank you Finnabu.” The boy felt as if he had reach a higher ground in spirit.

   When Zirzel got back home, his father had come from fishing with few fishes as he had sold half of it on his way back. And he told to his parents what Finnabu, the Wiseman of the hills had taught him that day.

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