Monday, May 9, 2011

SponsoredTweets: Make Money with Twitter

   I joined SponsoredTweets when one of my followers referred me, and now I'm glad and confident to tell you about sponsoredtweets as I've made money from it.

   SponsoredTweets is a site that presents you to advertisers/sponsors or provides you thousands of tweeters who could advertise for you through tweets.

   If you are a tweeter and advertisers are interested to work with you, you will be invited to take the opportunity and sponsored tweets will send you an information message on your twitter direct message or email, whatever you prefer. Then you will have to write your own tweets base on their instructions sent to you on your sponsored tweets accounts which will have to be approved by the advertiser prior to release. But never forget to visit advertiser site so that you can have more idea on what you are working.

   You can set your own price for each tweets but be careful not to make it higher than the suggested price on your sponsored tweets account, though it may be different if you are a celebrity. And when you joined sponspored tweets you will find out how important is to have many followers on twitter.
   Therefore, feel free to read my post 'increase your followers and likers..' or directly join twiends, the easiest, fastest and best site I've ever found to increase followers and likers on twitter and facebook -.

   You can also make money by reffering  tweeters or advertisers.
    But for advertiser, it is not necessary to have twitter account though you can associate your sponsored tweets account with your twitter account.
    So, feel free to sign up on SponsoredTweets.

   So far, I've earned $26.30 on sponsoredtweets from seven advertisers and its not a small amount compared to nothing. But if you are a celebrity with or have a great followers and influence, you can easily make what I made in one tweet. Currently I have a little more than five thousands followers whom I followed them back.
   Here are my nine tweets approved by seven advertisers/sponsors who have worked with me.
   *1 Diaper Rash Ointment Skin Protectant formulated with direction from a respected pediatrician sponsored by
   *2 Beef Pad Thai is a delicious thing, Hmmm! Sponsored by homeandgardenidea
   *3 How to make tasty Macaroni and Cheese, brought to you by
   *4 Middle East oil stock contender. Here comes North American giant 1.7 billion barrels of oil #COUGF brought to you by
   *5 Want to throw your PC out? Wait, just clean it out and speed it up with Advanced System Care! sponsored by
   *6 I've never seen such a beautiful and smart DVR and it's the world's first brought to you by
   *7 Flippin' for amazing Kozy Shack's all natural pudding and the chance to win $10,000! sponsored #flippinover
   *8 8 things we are dying to see made over - O Magazine. Check out Blue Sky Scrubs cameo on Oprah's website! sponsored
   *9 Brighten her day with stylish scrubs that make her feel beautiful... Blue Sky Scrubs featured on Oprah! sponsored by

   If you would also like to make money with twitter feel free to click here or the badge you want below -
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