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5. What is bornagain? You can be bornagain anytime and anywhere, and you must.

   According to Jesus bornagain is transformation, bornagain is reformation.

   Bornagain is death and resurrection, or rebirth in Jesus Christ. That means, bornagain is change, a total change - a total change of one’s idea, principle and one’s point of view, or attitude to the idea, principle and attitude of, Jesus Christ, a total change of thought and mindset to the thought and mindset of, Jesus Christ, a total change of one’s sinful heart to the loveful heart of, Jesus Christ.
It is a total change from one’s born character to the born character of, Jesus Christ, God, a total change of one’s life in Him.

   Jesus said to Nicodemus, "unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God" (John 3: 3)   But, what is bornagain? Jesus Himself had explained ‘what is bornagain?’
   He had explained how to see, or enter the kingdom of God. Yes, He had explained how to have, or inherit eternal life.

   To have, or inherit eternal life is to see, or enter the kingdom of God undoubtedly. So, “What should I do to inherit eternal life, means, what should I do to see the kingdom of God?”
   A man asked to Jesus, "What should I do to inherit eternal life?" Jesus answered, "Keep the commandments, sell what you have, give to the poor (leave everything) and follow Me." (Matthew 19: 16 – 21)
   Therefore, keeping the commandments of God, leaving the world behind(that means not to love the world in the heart for Jesus have not come today in physical to follow him) and following Him(spreading the gospel in character and words) is bornagain, that is how one can have, or inherit eternal life, that is how one can see the kingdom of God.

   Of course, Believing Jesus as our Saviour and repenting one’s sins to not to sin anymore and keeping his Commandments and, pursuing to resemble Him, following Him is bornagain. That is how we will inherit eternal life.
   Repentation is necessary to keeping the commandments of God. To keep the commandments of God one must repent his sins.
   But, what is sin(which one must repent)?
   The breaking of, the law, the commandments of God is sin, for, it is written, ‘by the law comes the knowledge of sin.’ (Romans 3: 20)

   How to follow Jesus?

   One cannot follow Jesus truly unless he believe and have faith in Him.
   To follow Jesus is to live and tell the truth, the love of God - the commandments of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ to other until we die, or sacrifice for Him who sacrifices for us.

   To follow Jesus one must believe Him first and have faith in Him. To have faith in Him is to keep His commandments. Yes, faith is action, having faith in Him is keeping the commandments of God and, following, Him.
   Of course, to follow Jesus one must keep the commandments of God, that is the Ten Commandments and all the teaching, or commandments of Jesus, which includes spreading His gospel, yes, this is one of His commandments.

   How can one be bornagain?
   To be bornagain one must be willing to accept and live every word of God, or one must have willingness to accept and live every word of God which He has given or will be given.

   One can be bornagain, or one is bornagain only when he, know, believe, see the love and grace of God in Jesus Christ and, know, realize he is a sinner and desires to change in Jesus Christ and pursue, keep changing to completely resemble Him.

   John 9: 41 Jesus said to them, “If you were blind, you would have no sin; but now you say, ‘we see.’ Therefore your sin remains.” 'we see' mean we are good, we are perfect or we have no sin.
   Unless, in Jesus Christ, one sees his sins and know, that, he is a sinner, and desire and decide to, change, transform, or bornagain and pursue to resemble Him there is no way to be bornagain but to remain sinning.
   Therefore, if one does not see his sin but want to see and be bornagain he should asked God - 'My Father, my Lord, make me see my sins, help me repent and reform me, give me bornagain...'

   So, One must be bornagain everyday, like Paul said, "I die everyday."
   One must see his sin everyday, for, sin always enters our heart, we commit adultery, murder, covet, proud etc. in the mind. And one must Pray, with faith that God has forgiven him even before he asked forgiveness, one must know faithless is also sin.
   ‘My Father, my Lord, please forgive me for I commit adultery, for I am proud, etc. now in my heart, thank you for forgiving me{ because He have forgiven us even before we born becasuse of Jesus} ... In Jesus name I pray Amen.
   Then, one must stop thinking evil things but pursue {to achieve the clean heart of Jesus} to have good thought, good attitude and character of Jesus Christ for the glory of God.

   Of course, one must always pursue to have good thinking, good attitude for the glory of God, to achieve the clean heart, or mind of Jesus. One must dominate his thought with good thoughts which is according to God. Thinking for family and others, thinking for what one should do or work for His glory, how one should spread His goodnews, how one should work in the Lord, thinking to find more examples, knowledge, or truth of everyday life and of God, thinking anything which is not against God but only according to Him and for His glory.
Of course, whatever one think and do, one must think and do for the glory of God. One should not be consumed by thinking but one should think, use his brain, or mind because of Him and for His glory.
   One must remember that, he must utilize his brain as much as he use his other body parts, for, God give us to utilize it, indeed, it is also the free gift of God.

   That is how one must die, bornagain everyday, anytime.
   That is, one must see his sin, ask forgiveness to God, thank Him for forgiving him even before he ask forgiveness and keep his heart, mind and action clean in the Lord like Jesus Christ.
Indeed, a bornagain person keep transforming to completely resemble Him.

One can be bornagain everywhere and anytime. Indeed, we must be bornagain anytime and everywhere.

God never force man to be bornagain, for, He is love and love never force. He wants the decision of Man.
So, one must take decision to be bornagain and be bornagain in Jesus.

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