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2. What is truth? What is the truth of the world? What and where is the proof?

   Truth is many things.
   Truth can be explained and proof, so, here, we will explain and give proof of the truth of the world.
   Truth is true, but, love is everything. Therefore, love is truth.

   The more one ask question, the more he will receive answer. So, let us ask question to find the truth. Blessed is he who ask question to find the truth, for, he will find the truth.

   If love is truth, then, what is love? What is the greatest love? How should we explain the greatest love or greatest action of love?
   If someone sacrifice his life for someone that is the greatest love, the greatest action of love.
   God love the world so much that He has sent His only Son Jesus Christ to, die, sacrifice for the world to save the world.
   But, why do He(Jesus) have to sacrifice, or why is it necessary for Him to die, or sacrifice for the world?
   Because, we think of evil, speak of evil and do evil, that means, the world is evil.
   Even the government of the world punish those who do evil, they even give a death sentence. Is not it? Sure, they do.
    Likewise, God is going to burn the world, for, the world is evil. For, God is truth, God is love, and evil cannot stay long, before truth and love, before God.
   But before He burn the world God sent His Only Son to sacrifice and save the world because He so love the world. He gives the world a chance, so that, we(the world) can live with Him forever.
   That's the truth of the world.
   And, Jesus has died for us on Friday, and rest on Saturday. He rest on Saturday because God made the world on six day and rest on the Sabbath, the seventh day of the week, which we now called Saturday. Therefore, we must also rest on the Sabbath.
   Jesus also, while He was alive, always rest on Saturday, He attend the church on Saturday, and He also rest even while He is death, yes, God made Him rest on the Sabbath while He was death. And if we are follower of Jesus we must surely rest on the holy Sabbath of God, that is Saturday.
   And on Sunday God wakes Him up. He show it, practically, by action that God can rise men after death. This is also truth. And He will raise those who believe this truth, this love, those who believe Him and will keep with Him. But He will also rise those who don’t accept His love, those who don’t believe this truth to be puhished, and He will cast them in eternal hell where there is crying and gnashing of teeth.
   And, before He(Jesus) ascended to heaven He told to His disciples to preach this truth, this love to all the world, that is that, He sacrifice for the world and rise again, and He also teach that one should love his enemy. He also said, that, ‘after this truth, this love, that is His, story, gospel is preached to all the world the end will come.
   And He will come back and take with him, whoever believe and live this truth, whoever believe and follow Him to live with Him and His Father, God, forever.
   We should know and remember that, truth is explainable and can be proof.
   We know that these things, which are written here, are truth, because, His followers has proved it. If He have only one follower from whom we heard His story, we will suspect it, I will even suspect it. But He has not only one but even His disciples are 12(twelve), needless to say others to know how many are there to give proof that He has come die, resurrect and ascended to heaven again.
   His disciples who have seen Jesus living, dying and ascending to heaven believes in Him and they teach their children and also children's children and so on, to believe in, to have faith in Him. And also, they save the story in written, which we now called Bible.
   Do we think those many follower of Jesus are fool to tell their children lies. Do we think such many men will tell their children and children's children, or grand children the same lie. No, not at all. Therefore, we are confident that Jesus Christ do really die, resurrect and ascended to heaven again for our benefit.
   Can one tell his children a story of lies, that too, for their belief? No, is the appropriate answer. No one would want to tell their children a story of lies and that too for their belief.
   If one cannot tell his children a story of lies for their belief, how can 11(One has betrayed Jesus) people tell their children a story of lies for their belief. Therefore, it is certain that the story of Jesus was true. And, minimum 11 of his followers have witness it. They are the eye witnesses.
   And not only that, we know that the story of Jesus is true, because, geologist, historian,  researchers etc. have proof it. And, they also discover the city, or things written in the Bible. By age also, it is only approximately 2000years, a years of which the world have enough evidence that He do really come.
   And you can also, stay, live with God forever if you believe and follow Jesus Christ. If one believe Him He must take baptism and keep the Sabbath Holy, keep His commandments and follow Him. One must also tell, or preach this truth, this love to his loved ones and fellowman.
   Indeed, if we believe in Jesus we must do three things, that is, to keep the commandment of Jesus, that includes praying in His name and taking baptism, to keep the Sabbath holy and to tell the truth to others.
   What is baptism?
   Baptism is an immersion of the whole body in water, it is a confirmation that one believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and he accept as the Saviour of him and the world, it is to die from one’s sins, to burry one’s sins and rise not to sin anymore but to live a new life that is to keep the commandments of God and follow Jesus Christ that is pursue to resemble Him in the heart, or mind, speech and action.
   So, if you believe, pray like this, ‘Our Father, give me strength and courage so that I can live your truth, your love, so that I can follow Jesus Christ even in the worsest time. (ask whatever you want)... Let it be your will. Because of Jesus and in His name I pray, or All these I pray because of Jesus and in His name, Amen’.
   We must always pray to God in Jesus name because He has connect God and men by giving His life and we must love Him by doing what He want, by keeping His commandments. Because Jesus have died for us we can ask, or pray anything to God for His glory.
   We must take decision and be willing, to be bornagain, to believe and follow Jesus. Repenting one’s sin, keeping the commandments of God and following Jesus is bornagain. Without willingness, yes, without willingness to accept and live every truth, that is, every word, or commandment of God no one can follow Jesus Christ till death.

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